ISSN: 1327-2314

International Journal of Knowledge-Based Intelligent
Engineering Systems

Volume 6, Number 2, April 2002


An Agent Based Approach to 3-SAT using Marriage in Honey-Bees Optimization
H.A. Abbass

Stroke Order- and Number-Free On-Line Character Recognition Using Intra- and Inter-Stroke Information
J. Shin

On Selecting Pre-processing Techniques for Fault Classification Using Neural Networks: A Pilot Study
Y. Li and M.J. Pont

Fault Detection in a Power Generation Plant Using a Supervised Adaptive Resonance Theory Neural Network
S.C. Tan and C.P. Lim

An Artificial Neural Network Optimized by a Genetic Algorithm For Real-time Flow-shop Rescheduling
M. Abe, H. Matsumoto and C. Kuroda

Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms applied to Finishing Mill Optimisation for Hot Rolling of Wide Steel Strip
L. Nolle, D.A. Armstrong, A.A. Hopgood and J.A. Ware

A Generation Method of Initial Training Data on Active Learning of Multi-layer Perceptron
K. Iwata and N. Ishii