ISSN: 1327-2314

International Journal of Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems

Special Edition

Evolutionary Computation and Classification

Guest Editors - Ruhul Sarker and Bob McKay

Volume 7, Number 3, July 2003


Guest Editorial

Emergent Division of Labor and Evaluation of Its Efficiency and Equity

S. Iwanaga, A. Namatame

Emergence of Cooperation in the IPD Game using Spatial interactions
T. Gamble and X. Li

Soft Computing Methodologies for Mining Missing Person Data
K.L. Blackmore and T.R.J. Bossomaier

Extending The Recommendation Architecture Model For Text Mining
U. Ratnayake and T.D. Gedeon

Search Space Difficulty of Evolutionary Neuro-Controlled Legged Robots
J. Teo and H.A. Abbass

Double Spanning Tree-Based Genetic Algorithm For Two Stage Transportation Problem
A. Syarif and M. Gen

Genetic Programming for Landmark Detection in Cephalometric Radiology Images
V. Ciesielski, A. Innes, S. John and J. Mamutil