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KES Conference Quality Principles

Principles for Acceptance of Papers

KES International applies the following 'Quality Principles' when a paper, submitted to a KES conference, is to judged for acceptance or rejection:-

All papers that are of an adequate conference standard should be accepted. Where papers have some flaws, but are capable of improvement, reviewers are requested to provide guidance in their reviews so that authors may bring their papers up to a satisfactory standard. Poor papers with little chance of reaching an adequate standard should be rejected.

Conference papers are often descriptions of work in progress, or part-completed investigations. It would not be expected that they would consider issues in such depth, or be as profound or complex as journal papers. However, they should be original, complete, satisfactorily presented, provide a reasonable depth of coverage of a subject, and represent a contribution to knowledge (although perhaps a small one).

In our view, the application of these principles represents a fairer and more effective method of maintaining a high-quality conference than the use of an arbitrary acceptance rate. However, we are confident that the acceptance rate of our conferences is in fact similar to many other conferences of their type.

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