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The KES Member Community Portal

The KES Portal provides a range of services and functions to KES members, for example an individual profile web page, the ability to create a blog and receive KES email newsletters, and facilities for networking with other KES members. The KES Portal is available

If you have attended a KES event in the past year, your details should already have been entered onto the KES Portal. As quickly as we can, we are also adding other people who have been involved in KES over the years. So, you may already be on the Portal either as a Silver or a Bronze member. You can find more information about KES Membership

Finding out if you have an account

You can use the KES Portal Member Search facility. Search on your surname to find if a record exists in your name.

If you have an account on the Portal, your username will be the email address you supplied to us in connection with your involvement with KES. You can obtain a password to log in to the Portal using the Reset Password facility.

Registering for the Portal

If you do not have an account on the Portal you can register You will be prompted to select a username. Please use your email address for your username as this is identifies you uniquely and helps avoid problems that occur if you have more than one account on the Portal.

Please note: If you enter your email address as your username and get a message "Registration Error: This username you selected in already in use." This means you already have an account on the Portal. Please use the Reset Password facility to enable you to log in.

Portal Account Problems

If you have problems with your Portal account you may us.. However, if your problem concerns your password, please try using the Reset Password facility first.

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