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ISI indexing of LNCS/LNAI

The following information about indexing of LNCS/LNAI was received from Springer Verlag on 20 June 2007.

"It is true that LNCS/LNAI is no longer indexed in ISI's SCI (as from January 2007). Instead, it is included in the ISI Proceedings list, which, together with their Web of Science, consitutes their Web of Knowledge, and which they consider to be their representative and comprehensive index for conference papers (whereas SCI(E) is thought of as the index focusing on journal papers). We hope that systematic indexing of LNCS/LNAI's content in ISI Proceedings constitutes partial compensation of the loss of SCI(E). Furthermore, LNCS/LNAI is listed in various other indexing and abstracting services such as DBLP, ZBlMath/CompuServe, IO-Port, EI, ACM Portal, Scopus, INSPEC, etc.

We are aware that this is of no help whatsoever if Universities/funding institutions take inclusion in the SCI as the main criterion for academic promotion or research funding. Please note, however, that Springer has had no influence at all over this decision."