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The KES Book Series on

Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Engineering Systems

Published by IOS Press.

About the Series

Since the earliest days of computer research there has been a search for systems that can provide intelligent assistance to the human user. The quest for these systems, that encapsulate and exploit knowledge and intelligence, is at the forefront of modern research.

There has been success with connectionist structures that approximate neural sub-systems of the brain; knowledge-based systems that demonstrate human-like reasoning; fuzzy paradigms that allow a degree of precision to be brought to situations where experts can offer only generalised advice; and genetic algorithms that are inspired by biological evolution. Intelligent agents combine specific intelligent paradigms with conventional concepts of concurrent processing to provide synergetic combinations of communicating intelligent sub-systems. These are only examples of the formidable array of generic tools that provides a foundation for applications in almost all areas of human endeavour: manufacture, medicine, finance, travel and transport, robotics, communications, and too many other areas to mention.

Aim of the Series

The aim of the KBIES series is to report on the tremendous range of applications arising out of investigations into intelligent systems, coupled with the latest generic research that makes these applications possible. The series provides a leading resource for researchers, engineers, managers and all others concerned with this area of research, or wanting to know more about it.

Invitation to Propose a Contribution

Proposals are invited for text books, edited books, hand books, and conference proceedings. Proposals may please be sent to the series editors:-

Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems Centre
University of South Australia
Mawson Lakes
SA 5095, Australia

Excutive Chair, KES International
PO Box 2115
BN43 9AF, United Kingdom

IOS Press
Nieuwe Hemweg 6B
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The Netherlands
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