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Smart Sustainability

What do we mean by Smart Sustainability?

The KES Smart Sustainabilty initative focuses on the part smart systems can play in sustainability, renewable energy, and climate change remediation.

It is well recognised that it is vital that the harmful effects of human activities on the environment, and the rapid consumption of the earth's resources, are reduced. Considerable benefits can be achieved in this area by applying intelligent systems methods and techniques to sensing, control, data analysis, prediction and modelling tasks in areas of carbon reduction, energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and related social, environmental and economic factors.

We have termed this concept 'Smart Sustainability'


Applicable topics include, but are not limited to, the application of intelligent (neural network, fuzzy, expert system, agent-based, etc) techniques to:-

Note that KES is also happy to accommodate more conventional aspects of sustainability issues and topics.

Sustainability Journal

We are considering the possibility of a new journal to publish research results in the sustainability area. If you feel there is a need for this kind of publication and you would like to be involved please contact us.


For all queries about the Smart Sustainability please contact

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