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KES Head

Editorial Team

Editorial Executive

Robert J. Howlett, University of Bournemouth, UK
Bogdan Gabrys, University of Bournemouth, UK

General Editor
Milan Simic, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Assistant Editor
Shaun Lee, University of Brighton, UK

Founding Editor
Lakhmi C. Jain, University of South Australia

Associate Editors

The Journal has a small team of Associate Editors, each of whom who takes an active part in the reviewing process. Each paper submitted to the Journal for publication is assigned to an Associate Editor who manages the review process, liaising with the referees until a decision over acceptance or rejection is reached. The Associate Editors also act as regional points of contact for the Journal.

The Associate Editors are:-

Plamen Angelov
Lancaster University, UK

Dawn Holmes
University of California Santa Barbara, USA

Yoshiteru Ishida
Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan

Ivan Jordanov
University of Portsmouth, UK

Miroslav Karny
Academy of Sciences, the Czech Republic

Hongyi Li
Bohai University, China

Ireneusz Czarnowski
Gdynia Maritime University, Poland

Vasile Palade
Coventry University, UK

Jianbin Qiu
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Edward Szczerbicki
University of Newcastle, Australia

Guiwu Wei
Sichuan Normal University, China

Katarzyna Musial-Gabrys
Bournemouth University, UK

Takeshi Okamoto
Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan

Masahiro Tokumitsu
National Institute of Technology, Japan

Yongmin Zhong
RMIT University, Australia

Songlin Ding
RMIT University, Australia

Mohamed Elbanhawi
MEMKO Pty; Melbourne, Australia

Rapee Krerngkamjornkit
Selex ES Pty Ltd Australia

Arun Kumar
RMIT University, Australia

Reza Nakhaie Jazar
RMIT University, Australia

Branko Ristic
RMIT University, Australia

Maria Spichkova
RMIT University, Australia

Nirajan Shiwakoti
RMIT University, Australia

Dr Pasquale De Meo
University of Messina, Italy

Dr Alexander Gegov
University of Portsmouth, UK

Dr Christian Hohmann
Siemans, Germany

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